How Does a Septic Tank Pump Work?

Septic tank pumping is the key to keeping your septic tank working smoothly. Regular pumping removes limescale and sludge from your tank, allowing your septic system to be in peak condition. A well designed, properly set up septic unit can last for many years or not perform at all. As long as you are able to answer the basic question of how do septic tanks work, it s all that much of a burden.

Septic Tank Pumping

There are actually two parts to a septic system’s operation. The first is the actual pumping of the material out of the tank. This happens on a routine basis, most often every three months. The second part involves cleaning and pumping out any residual waste water left in the unit. This usually happens on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Your average septic tank system works by creating a catch basin where solids settle before they are pumped out into the drainage field. After the waste material exits the tank it travels through the pipes of the sewer system until it reaches a gravity feeder. The feeder channel is large intestine that is located on the upper property line. From here the waste water is forced through an auger that is attached to the upper property line. Back in the typical septic tank system, this waste water will fill in the basin and then go on to exit the sewage system via the drain field.

In the most basic septic tank system the septic tank pump will create a circulation system within the container. This circulates the contents through the pipes of the septic system. The strength of this circulation system depends on the size and construction of the system. Smaller systems will have one level pump while a larger system will use two or more levels. This is one of the main reasons why septic tank pumping becomes necessary.

Once the contents of the septic tank are pumped out into the drainage fields, the pump will remove the sludge that is left behind. The sludge is known as “black dirt” and it can become harmful to both plants and animals that are part of the ecosystem. If this type of sludge is not removed from the system in a timely manner then it can cause the breakdown of the natural biological sludge filters within the system. This will lead to the complete shutdown of the system.

Septic tank pumping is important to the maintenance of your septic system. Without proper maintenance it is prone to failure. Regular maintenance can also keep you from spending a lot of money on cleaning materials and services. If you have any questions about how does a septic tank work, then you should consult with a professional who is knowledgeable and experienced in the industry.

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